Frequently Asked Questions


Are there any Admin costs?

No there are no costs at all on our end, you simply choose your pro receive the best quote and pay through our secure payment system we then transfer funds to our pros. this is done to protect you and so all payments to pros are solicited through us. This Minimises risks for you the customer.

How much commission do you take?

Fyso only takes 14% commission from any successful bid you win.

Can I be a Pro and a Customer?

Yes Of course you can. You would need to sign up as a pro, and you can still search for other pros or request us to find a pro for you…

Why don’t I just use a search engine?

Have you tried to look for a service on a search engine? well then you may know how hard it may be to find the right person especially without solicited recommendation. well here at Fyso we have your best interest at heart. We protect you the customer as an acting middle man and portal find services and pay securely through us. All our pros who sign up are screened before approval, so feel safe and know that we have your back what ever the case.

How Does Fyso Work for Pros

Its Simple, There are no hidden Fee’s Fyso is free to use for our pro’s simple sign up and list your Skills. Use images, Videos and or links to showcase what you do Dress your profile up and start earning, Upgrade your account if you want added features such as featured listings.


Fyso works on a commission basis where we only take a percentage of any job you earn, Which means you don’t have to spend money in advance to Bid for Jobs you may not even get in return. We have a system in place that allows you to receive job notifications whenever someone is looking for your services.

How Does Fyso work for Service Finders?

Its Simple, Customers can use Fyso to find services. Customers can either search our platform and find a service themselves or they can use Fyso to find recommended pros for them based on their criteria, simply click Find me a pro button in the Header and tell us what you are looking for.